Strategic Focus Research & Consultancy Ltd. is a full-service marketing research company whose aim is to provide the best quality marketing research services to our clients. We are based in Hong Kong with both in-house qualitative and quantitative capabilities.

Our strength and focus have consistently been on the Greater China region covering China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We also have the expertise and knowledge to conduct research studies in other Asian markets and can definitely support clients in these markets.



Quality control is our key research conduct and it is applied in all research projects from project conception through to final reporting. We do not believe in using 'short-cuts' just to meet deadline to satisfy the client. Quality will never be compromised just to meet deadlines.

We believe that effective research needs to be both creative in its conception and thorough in its execution.

We are committed to understand the objectives of each of our clients, embracing them as our own and recommending the best and most cost effective research methodology in reaching the objectives.