Often, in many research companies, a project manager will pass on a research project to other executives for execution. These executives will prepare the presentation and write the final report and the project manager will only handle the presentation towards the end.

It is also a common problem faced by many clients on the in-depth findings on consumers' needs and their underlying feelings. These valuable inputs are lost during translations and through the handling of the research project by different executives. This is particularly so for qualitative research.

In Strategic Focus, we strongly believe and adhere to the principle of complete project management. The project manager handling the research must be able to understand and speak the local languages of each market to derive the nuances from the respondents that so often is not fully brought out during interviews conducted in local language by a Chinese and report written by a Foreigner.

Our research projects will be handled by a single project manager who will be responsible for all stages of the research. This includes:

Understanding the Research Project Objectives
Meeting with the client and preparing a research proposal.

Implementing the Questionnaire Design
Upon project approval, design of questionnaire or discussion guide / screening questionnaire.

Personal involvement in briefing and debriefing of interviewers / conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews.

Data processing, Design & Analysis
Design of code frame, tabulation specifications, and drawing up the framework for analyzing qualitative findings.

Analyze Results & Strategic Recommendation
Analysis of findings, presentation of research findings and recommendation on next stages.

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