In China, Taiwan and other Asian markets, we have developed good working relationships with a few non-government enterprises to provide the best quality and most cost efficient fieldwork.

Because we are working with affiliates, we are not bound by any Joint Venture Agreement and as such, are free to commission the most competent fieldwork company to handle different research projects based on their expertise. Our clients get to enjoy the best fieldwork expertise.

Quality is never compromised even though we work through affiliates. We will go to each market to conduct briefing/debriefing sessions with interviewers and conduct focus groups personally. We also demand weekly or daily progress reports on fieldwork and recruitment progress from our affiliates, thus giving us full control over the progress and quality of the project.

For quantitative surveys, all questionnaires will be sent back to Strategic Focus Hong Kong for editing, coding and cross-tabulation.

For qualitative research, all note-taking, transcripts, audio and video tapes will be shipped back to our Hong Kong office and analyzed by the same project manager who moderates the groups and who is overall in charge of the whole project.

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