In the past few years, we have worked with Strategic Focus on several projects mainly because we are very satisfied with their service. Mr. David Hui is a very experienced moderator. As a Singaporean living in Hong Kong and conducting research in several Chinese cities, David is very conversant in Chinese languages and is a great help to us when conducting focus group research across several cities in China. Due to his constant observations of the market place and his familiarity with FMCG products, he saves us a lot of time and effort in explaining the research brief and for him to design the questionnaire/ discussion guide. His vast knowledge of the market place enables him to provide a lot of good recommendations and thus have helped us to develop strategic marketing plans. In addition, the working attitudes of his colleagues are very serious, responsible and have definitely contributed to the success of the research projects.

Ms. Lilian Au
Marketing Manager
A.S. Watson Asia

Strategic Focus: I can not say anything more positive about David Hui and Strategic Focus than "I would use them again!" The results, professionalism, translation, quick understanding of clients business are all top shelf. Their understanding of markets, business needs and facilities for focus groups is why I would use them for discovering unique Asian business opportunities.

Mr. Kelly Sweeney
Business Development Manager

Quality is the equity of Strategic Focus. I can always trust the reported data because Strategic Focus exercises thorough and strict quality check of them, so they are clean and accurate.

Mr. Victor Foo
Director of Research
Citibank, N.A.

We gave David mission impossible last October with a research project in Guangzhou and Shanghai with an incredibly tight turn around time. Strategic Focus performed excellently and provided clearly mapped out results with insightful conclusions. Our Clients in Hong Kong and Paris were very impressed with the findings and the professional way that David handled this project in a market as difficult as China. We would definitely use him again for any such projects. Great job Strategic Focus!

Ms. Kerry Fitzgerald
Strategic Planner

When I first encountered Strategic Focus four years ago, it was a recommendation by my friends in the Advertising field. I still remember the comments were "very professional", "good interpretation" and "great input" 仨tc. Since then I have been using them for many of my research projects. I personally admired David掇 professional attitude and his integrity on his jobs. He is not only a good business partner but also a very loyal one. Now we have gradually developed a more personal relationship. I believe I rely and trust his professional advice more.

Ms. Judy Kong
Director of Client Services
Dentsu Inc. Hong Kong

Understand the client's needs! Flexible enough to meet the tight schedule! Make a good analysis of the research result!

Ms. Contessa Chan
Group Account Director
Dentsu Young & Rubicam

I started to use services of Strategic Focus two years ago, when I was Executive Director of DDB Greater China. They have handled research projects for my clients in fast moving consumer goods as well as the new economy sectors, in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Through their planning and implementation work for my clients, I have witnessed a high level of professionalism, marketing insight, technical proficiency and responsible attitude in qualitative research delivered by Strategic Focus. They are of an exemplary standard among the research firms I have worked with before.

Mr. Benjamin Ng
Chief Executive Officer
enterpriseAsia.com plc

I've known and worked with David and his team at Strategic Focus for over 5 years. They have demonstrated themselves to be meticulous, well organized, and very professional in what they do, especially in the qualitative area. Their positive attitude and enthusiasm towards every project they work on are also rare in today's market place. Moreover it is their insightful analysis of the research findings that make them stand out against their competition. What more can you ask from a bunch of people like this.......

Mr. Antony Chow
Vice President-Grand China
Euro RSCG Partnership

The name of 'Strategic Focus' says it all. It directly reflects its strength and edge in consumer market research. With David's solid experience and passion in moderating, the research findings always comes with clear insight which is supported by his thorough analysis."

Ms. Julie Ng
Executive Partne
Euro RSCG Partnership

It was a pleasure working with you, I thought you were extremely efficient and I found your work to be very thorough. I would certainly work with you again when the right type of project comes up.

Ms. Alessandra Gallo
Managing Director
Insight Generator

I started to use services of Strategic Focus when I was Account Director of BBDO Hong Kong. Strategic Focus is a very professional research consultant and has been a good business partner. David is one of the best moderators that I've ever worked with. His expertise in group moderation and acute consumer insights provide good direction for developing brand strategy for numerous brands (of a wide range of products and target segments).

Ms. Shelly Shum
Marketing Advisor

David and his team have passion and commitment for excellence and are always ready to work as your colleagues. They listen to what you need and will deliver professional planning and execution to find out what are essential for you to have a strategic audit.

Ms. Ada Lee
Sales & Marketing Manager HK Operation
Polaroid Far East Limited

The expertise of Strategic Focus in market research contributes greatly to our strategic planning and policy making. Providing integrated research solutions, they always advise the best use of cost-effective methodologies that produce useful and reliable market information. Action-oriented recommendations also offer clear picture for decision-making. Their consultancy is swift, trustworthy, customer-oriented but not client-leaded, with professional initiatives.

Ms. Nancy Pang
The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd

I have found working with David/Strategic Focus a real pleasure. He has broad capabilities across the whole Asian market and his debriefs go beyond the brief.

Ms. Lucy Banister
Managing Director
The Way Forward Research Company

Through the Loop has now used Strategic Focus on several occasions and we have always been very impressed by the group's diligence, thoroughness and insight. They are a good group to work with because you find that they contribute significantly to the success of the project's outcome. They are also highly responsive.

Ms. Carol Samms
Managing Director
Through the Loop

I'd like to express my gratitude for all your hard work once again. Please also help me to thank Ah Fong and Tiffany for their hard work on recruitment and hospitality. All of you are so professional and delivered services beyond our expectations (even our dinner take away order!). We feel very comfortable working with you all and appreciate your devotion to our project. You did deliver first-rate research findings to us which I haven't seen for ages. I always believe passion is the key to success. Thank you! You proved it's right. And I'm very happy to see how powerful a good research can be.

I'd love to work with you again in the future. Though our budget is small and there are not many projects, Strategic Focus will definitely be my preferred research partner.

Keep up your good work.

Ms. Jessica Kwan
Research Manager

"I work for a large market research company in the United States, and we commissioned Strategic Focus to conduct several focus groups and web clinic sessions in Singapore and Hong Kong. There were many important details associated with the project, and I was nervous whether everything would go smoothly, especially because my clients were in attendance at the sessions in Singapore and Hong Kong along with me

The first day I arrived at the sessions and met the team from Strategic Focus, I was very pleased to see everything was ready to go, and all the important details were handled perfectly.

All the focus groups and web clinic sessions went very well, and the moderating by David Hui was outstanding. Also, in Hong Kong we were provided with a translator to sit in the client room with us and conduct simultaneous translation in English; the translator was fantastic.

I was very happy with the service provided by Strategic Focus, and so were my clients! In the end, I wished we were working with the Strategic Focus team for all 4 markets we were visiting in Asia, instead of just 2 of the markets."

Ms. Stacey Hurt
Researcher in the U.S.

数年前から一緒に仕事をしていますが David および Strategic Focus のリサーチによってわれわれは台湾、香港、上海の消費者についてとても有益な理解を常に得ることが出来ています。 David の司会はとても洗練されており彼より上手な司会を自分の国でも見たことがありません。 また、David以外にもスタッフも含めて 的確なレポーティングや親切かつスピーディな対応が我々を再び Strategic Focus に仕事を依頼させます。

(We have been working with Strategic Focus for years. With the research projects conducted by David and Strategic Focus, we have obtained a lot of useful understanding about consumers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. We are always impressed with the polished moderating skills of David – we haven’t come across any moderator that can be compared with him even in Japan. Besides, other staffs at Strategic Focus also help us a lot with their precise reporting and friendly, speedy responses. We will be happy to continue working together with Strategic Focus.)

Mr. Shusaku Nomoto
Market Researcher
Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

A belated thank you for your assistance with the Consumer Electronics focus group project we did with Strategic Focus in March of this year. Our client was very pleased with the quality of the respondents and the information they provided. Your ability to recruit English-speaking residents was a big plus in the eyes of our client. She was readily able to hear the voice of the Hong Kong market; without the need for a translator. Very impressive. I know that in the future when we need to conduct group session in Hong Kong and in The People’s Republic of China; we will come back to you and Strategic Focus. Your professionalism, along with that of the entire staff and recruiters made a very positive impression. Thank you again for your assistance.

Gregory J. Diaz
Vice President
Phoenix Marketing International

We wanted to congratulate you for the excellent work, support and professionalism shown during the A.Lange & Söhne project. We had the final presentation yesterday in Germany, and the company CEO, his team and the Richmont staff were all very impressed with the level of fine/ deep understanding we managed to get of this "difficult" population. They particularly appreciated the amount of work you put into this when they saw the extracts from the interviews...it was extremely interesting for them to "meet" their clients and potential clients, and also it provided a way for the client to realize the amount of work needed to analyze such findings in an interesting and meaningful way!! Thank you very much again for all the provided work, it was a real pleasure for all of us to work with you. We feel we have all learnt something out of this truly interesting project, and we hope you feel the same way. We are looking forward of working again together in the near future. Very best regards!

Agathe, Sandra & Alessandra
International Qualitative Department
OpinionWay - France

Having worked with many firms in the US but not many in Asia, I was beyond impressed with David’s (Strategic Focus’) ability to ‘plug and play’ on a global research program with such ease and professionalism. He elevated our ability to quickly penetrate the mind of the Hong Kong consumer while giving us insight into subtleties that we would not have otherwise been able to collect. David truly was more than a liaison, he plugged into our research team and helped paint the portrait of the target consumer's value system.

Furthermore, David's rigor with recruiting was evident in our sample. He knows how to get who you're looking for and won't settle for less.

It won't be long before we're in Hong Kong again doing innovation research and I know who I'm calling. In fact, knowing that David can facilitate research initiatives not only in Hong Kong, but Shanghai and Singapore means our reach is that much wider.

Chris Homer